Have you ever wondered what the best model for the community development is?

We found the answer!

The pledge of a prosperous and developing community is its members who don’t give up, don’t migrate, don’t fear to take an action and make a change.

To help such people the “Community Development through Social Entrepreneurship” project was initiated at the end of 2015 supported by the European Union Delegation to Armenia which aimed at contributing to a sustainable community development by generating income through running social entrepreneurship (SE) projects for the general benefit of the communities in seven regions of Armenia.

With this campaign we aim to raise money which will allow us to fund at least 10 highly promising social enterprises contributing to the sustainable community development. The ideas were developed by participants who have received training modules on designing, starting and running successful social enterprises and will get ongoing consultation by professional business coaches after the establishment of the social enterprises.

In case we exceed our campaign goal we will fund more ideas of social enterprises.

Social Entrepreneurship

4 reason to contribute

One time contribution for ongoing development

Important role in the social and economic life of rural regions of Armenia

Lifelong recognition and gratitude of the benefiting communities  

Gifts and rewards


The contribution amounts rank from 10$ to 1,500$ along with the lifetime gratitude, recognition and appreciation of not only the social entrepreneurs, but also the entire communities which benefit from those enterprises.

To express our gratitude and compliments to our backers we have prepared gifts and rewards which will be made available soon. 



IZ (Austria)
ICIRLD (Armenia)
KASA (Swiss)
CCI (Armenia)