Anush Aslanyan

 Vanadzor town, Lori region


Sewing studio of production of Armenian traditional dolls, bags, bedding, shirts and hats with the images of Armenian cartoon heroes, using 3D computer modeling methods and made by people with disabilities or from vulnerable groups. The preparation of the professionals will be held before proceeding with the production.

Social impact


  • Providing professions and employment to the disabled and disadvantaged people.  
  • Promotion of inclusion
  • Ongoing workshops on sewing and trainings by technologists, designers, marketing and other specialist
  • Creating memories by the images of Armenian cartoon heroes
  • Cultural, social, ecological and various development programs for people with disabilities and social problems.
  • Promotion of the town by exporting products in other parts of the country and abroad.
  • Basic knowledge classes for the ones who lack it.
  • Excursions to cultural-historical sites for socially and physically disadvantaged people.  


  • Integration of disabled people
  • Breaking stereotypes about disabled people
  • Preservation and spreading of Armenian national culture and its values
  • Reducing unemployment, increasing quality of life
  • Promotion of social entrepreneurship due to a success story