Gohar Mnatsakanyan

 Sevan city, Gegharkunik region


Creating “Bohem” gallery-teahouse for leisure activities, entertainment events, such as concerts, fairs, discussions, children’s programs and other cultural events, artistic trainings and workshops, where the young artists also can sell their art works. “Bohem” will also have a Souvenir museum and shop, presenting different ages and a studio to make the souvenirs. The center will unite and organize its activities for tourists, guests, art lovers, artists, students and all the local people. Active members and visitors will get talent accumulation cards to exchange their talent contribution with money based on talent=money approach.

Social impact


  • Workplaces for youth
  • Boosting the cultural life and economical of the local people, including youth and children, and filling their free time, providing a new entertainment venue with revolutionary cultural and educational environment
  • Investment in the Sevan music festival
  • Supporting the protection of eco-system of Lake Sevan with “Thank you Sevan” initiative, which intends to create special attitude towards the Sevan: optimal usage of the water and its resources and keeping it clean.
  • Free public workshops


  • Decreased number of youth unemployment
  • Increased opportunities for self-expression and self-assertion of the talented young people
  • Contribution in branding and tourism development of Sevan town
  • Increased number of tourists, improving the economy of Sevan and financial situation of its people
  • Decreased emigration flow especially of the artists to the capital and abroad  
  • Breaking the apathy and the conservative approach to new ideas and concepts