Inga Harutyunyan

 Ijevan city, Tavush region


Mobilizing public resources through the menu of restaurants and cafes and establishment of  business relations between agricultural companies of Tavush region with restaurants and cafes of Yerevan. Chemical-free agro-economic products of Tavush region’s manufacturers will be advertised, branded and consumed in the capital.

Social impact


  • Construction and renovation of shelters in schools and kindergartens, also daycare/social centers in 15 borderline villages of Tavush region protecting around  10000 children in the most endangered part of the country
  • Establishment of community centers with day-care facilities for intellectual and cultural development of disadvantaged families in 20 villages of Tavush
  • Enhancing social consciousness resulting in socially responsible behavior of individuals and organizations


  • Agro-economic growth by contributing to consumption of Tavush region farmers’ products
  • Strengthening people’s faith in coping with migration
  • Development of public-private sectors’ partnership
  • Reviving economic, social and cultural life of Tavush region