Koryun Sumbulyan

 Bavra village, Shirak region


Cooperative cultivation and production of buckwheat with 2 processing factories. Each enrolled family will receive buckwheat seeds, fertilizer and 1 hectare land, while the factory will be responsible for crop harvest. The final product will be sold in Armenia, as well as be exported.

Social impact


  • The cultivation of 100 hectares of uncultivated land will bring stabilised income for 1000 socially disadvantaged families
  • Ever-growing number of beneficiaries
  • Investment of the profit in the cultivation of new lands
  • Land cultivation and buckwheat growing trainings for the vulnerable groups who will multiply and conduct the trainings and financial support to other groups.   
  • Development of the new technologies for crop cultivation, ranching, localization,
  • Development and reproduction of berry bushes
  • Production of large quantities of humus
  • Establishment of greenhouses
  • Cereal production
  • Development of pottery


  • Faster land cultivation
  • Reduction of social tension in the communities involved
  • Prevention of migration