Narek Mkrtchyan

 Syunik region


Collecting and recycling plastic garbage: plastic containers, bottles, bags etc. The new products of waste management due to the assorted boxes of waste will be sold to dairy products, mineral water and other industries.

Social Impact


  • Employment of disadvantaged family members with proper income, health insurance and other advantages
  • New production: waste management with efficient methods and technologies
  • Promotion of waste processing by making new products from plastic materials.
  • Providing children from the disadvantaged families with school textbooks and school packs
  • Investment and support to the vulnerable youth initiating start-up companies to produce dairy products or mineral water.
  • Trainings, workshops, supervision of the staff giving them new specializations
  • Raising awareness of sustainable environment and eco-friendly assorted waste through education programs, social advertisement, TV and radio programs, signboards and wallpapers, community events etc.


  • Assorted garbage, cleaner and more sustainable environment reducing the ecological problems
  • Development of the region’s economy
  • Increased quality of life
  • Easier availability of plastic products for other enterprises in the region
  • Enforcement of social values of ecological issues