Satik Badeyan

 Sevan city, Gegharkunik region


Founding a bakery, where some of the pastry (including innovations, such as pakhlava with dried fruits) will be like a souvenir: people can eat it without any additional cutlery. A wet napkin in the box with the QR code will show a video of the making process of the pastry, passing history, culture and national traditions.

Social impact


  • Stable workplaces for disabled people
  • Social inclusion campaigns with illustrations
  • Adaptation of Sevan city to the needs of disabled people
  • Spreading the experience and expertise in other parts of Armenia
  • Future investment of the profit in establishing a greenhouse to employ adolescents recorded by the police, providing them psychological support
  • Creating an independent entity of experts of the protection of rights of both sides doctors and disabled people. Development of mobile application and 4 animated videos and a website to have a Q&A section. Starting from the 6th month the services will also be rendered offline, all the way to visits to the medical facilities and motions in the court.
  • The 50+n% of the profit that the SE will make through the project will be directed for two years to the development of an online tool targeting the needy and people included in certain groups, including those with disabilities to ensure protection of right of access to state-funding in healthcare and medical-social issue throughout Armenia.


  • Making disabled people full members of society
  • Healthier society  
  • Increased standard of living of disabled people