Siranush Vardanyan

 Kapan City, Syunik Region


Establishment of 2 eco camps with modern facilities including innovative permaculture garden in Kapan and Arajadzor to tailor and market ecological tours, to host the tourists in the camp, to grow and sell eco-products.

Social impact


  • Cleanings and Waste Management to maintain sustainable environment and reduce the mining pollution
  • Development of ecotourism and tourism infrastructure with signs, guidebooks, information boards, tourism information centers, maps etc.
  • Trainings on permaculture and healthy lifestyle
  • Tree planting (300 in the beginning)
  • Creation of 20 km trail tourist
  • Branding Kapan and Syunik to increase the number of tourists
  • 150 workplaces
  • Involvement of socially disadvantaged children in different events.


  • Prevention of migration
  • Appreciation of the region’s potential by the locals